TMJ Massage

Effective Relief For Jaw Pain

Registered Massage Therapists have training to deliver effective treatment for all soft tissue ailments, including Temperomandibular Joint Dyfunction or TMJ for short. If you clench or grind your teeth, have popping and or cracking sounds in your jaw, you likely have TMJ Dysfunction. This condition can lead to debilitating frontal or […]

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Yoga For Back Pain Relief

Get Your Cat On the Mat For Back Relief

Cat and Cow Pose. Each is a pose on their own but they are often done together for what we call the Cat / Cow Series. This series begins with Table Pose, a foundational pose, in which many poses done on the hands and knees are based. Remember, yoga […]

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In The Begining

My biggest hurdle beginning yoga classes. Hint: It wasn’t the poses

I began my yoga journey about six years ago. At that time, I was running a fairly successful massage therapy practice in Ontario. I had a beautiful, large studio-style location and I decided to subcontract instructors to begin teaching various classes to use the space. […]

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