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Classic Massage

Classic Massage refers to long massage strokes, the squeezing of tense muscles, the release of trigger points and gentle muscle stretching. This treatment may be applied in a lighter “spa-like” manner or deeper for a more therapeutic effect.

Massage Rates

The following massage rates apply to Classic, Prenatal, Sports, Reflexology and TMJ

30 Minutes $55
45 Minutes $65
60 Minutes $80
75 Minutes $105
90 Minutes $125
120 Minutes $180

To save time when you arrive, please download the Health History Questionaire, print and fill it out before you arrive.


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Prenatal Massage

Brenda has the experienced and knowledgeable hands to offer safe and effective massage throughout every stage of pregnancy. A woman’s body endures a lot of tension and stress during this very special time and studies show that massage can naturally and safely relieve anxiety, decrease aches and pains, and improve baby development. Massage is a safe and enjoyable modality that can relieve most discomforts during pregnancy. Conditions such as sciatica, low back pain, and foot pain can all be relieved to help keep the expectant mother comfortable during this special time.

Sports Massage

This style of massage has the ability to treat the specialized needs of a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior. This massage is based on achieving proper muscular balance, improving or preventing the loss of muscle and joint range of motion, and alleviating any pain associated. Massage can be provided before activity to help the athlete work more efficiently. After an event, massage can help to flush and release the metabolites and toxins that accumulate in the muscles due to extreme stresses. Massages provided between events help to keep the athlete’s body pain free so that training schedules don’t get interrupted. Massage therapy can be very beneficial in treating a multitude of common sports injuries such as tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, I.T (Ilio-Tibial) Band Syndrome, muscle strains, and sprained ankles to name a few.


This treatment begins with an aromatic foot soak, followed by a lower leg and foot massage, and concludes with a stimulation of the reflexive points in your feet that will ignite your body’s own natural healing capabilities.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome)

If you clench or grind your jaw, you are no stranger to the horrible pain it can cause. Brenda took extra education to learn how to effectively treat this condition. She strongly recommends that you book a full hour for the first appointment. This way, she can treat the postural muscles ( upper back, neck and shoulders) as well as the jaw itself. The first half of the treatment is spent releasing those postural muscles using traditional massage techniques. The second half of the appointment is spent performing intraoral massage. At this point, Brenda will put on vinyl gloves and slowly slide down the inside of your cheek to release the muscles around the jaw. The client often experiences varying degrees of immediate relief. After this first appointment, Brenda will make recommendations for your treatment plan including the frequency and duration of future appointments.

Ancient Thai Massage

This ancient form of massage is slow and rhythmic and incorporates elements of traditional massage, acupressure, deep stretches and yoga postures with the therapist doing all of the work. It has both relaxing and energizing effects. Thai massage is well suited to all body types and is customized to clients of all levels of flexibility. It is performed on a mat, on the floor, without oil, while the client is wearing loose comfortable clothing. This form of massage simply feels amazing and it’s no wonder why its techniques have been passed down for centuries.

60 Minutes $90
75 Minutes $115
90 Minutes $135
120 Minutes $190

Heated Stone Massage

Rock your body with a heated stone massage. This massage has the ability to combine either light relaxation or deep tissue massage, along with the penetrating warmth and silky sensations of stones gliding over the body. It’s a therapeutic treatment with a luxurious feel. Spoil yourself and still have it covered under your benefits.

60 Minutes $90
75 Minutes $115
90 Minutes $135

Infant Massage Workshops

Brenda has been teaching parents the amazing benefits of Infant Massage for almost 10 years. Massage is a completely natural and safe way to both bond with your baby, and effectively sooth common baby ailments

New parents often feel overwhelmed and a little bit helpless when their newborn is experiencing common ailments like constipation, gas, colic, teething, nasal and chest congestion. In this workshop Brenda will teach you a basic full body massage along with all the tricks of her trade to effectively treat all of these problematic discomforts. The course includes detailed take home refresher notes. The cost is $30 /$45 for Twins (another caregiver is welcome to attend with twins) plus tax.

The studio is a baby friendly environment, equipped with ambient lighting, music, and comfortable places to breast feed and change your baby.

Brenda typically offers the Infant Massage Workshop quarterly throughout the year. For additional information click Events at the top of the website homepage for future workshop dates and times.

Moms-To-Be Packages

These packages were specially created with the mother-to-be in mind. These make a decadent treat or unique shower gift for any expectant mom.

Spa Mama Essentials Package

This package targets the essential complaints of most pregnant women. It begins with a deluxe aromatic foot soak, followed by a luxury lower leg and foot massage and a 30 minute back massage. (Please allow 60 minutes)

Spa Mama Essentials Package $100

Spoiled Spa Mama Package

This package addresses all of the primary complaints of an expectant mom. It begins with a deluxe aromatic foot soak, followed by a luxurious lower leg and foot massage, and a 30 minute back massage. The grand finale is a specialized baby belly facial that includes a cleanse, deeply hydrating masque, and gentle yet very moisturizing massage to treat the dry, itchy, baby belly and aid in preventing stretch marks. (Please allow 90 minutes)

Spoiled Spa Mama Package $155