Here’s a cute breakdown of the workshops I’m currently offering in the studio. They are blah blah blah.. Awesome Possum and all that jazz =D

Infant Massage

I have been teaching this popular workshop for over 7 years now. Oftentimes, new parents  feel a little helpless when their baby is fussy but in this workshop I teach you valuable, effective skills that will soothe your baby. And we all know a happy baby, is a happy household. So reserve your space now and I will see you and your little one on the 24th of September! Twins are welcome!

New parents often feel overwhelmed and a little bit helpless when their newborn is experiencing common ailments like constipation, gas, colic, teething, nasal and chest congestion. In this workshop Brenda will teach you a basic full body massage along with all the tricks of her trade to effectively treat all of these problematic discomforts. The course includes detailed take home refresher notes and light refreshments. The cost is $25 /$40 for Twins (another caregiver is welcome to attend with twins).

Yoga Babes

This is a great class to learn yoga, or reintroduce yourself to yoga in a baby friendly environment.

Yoga Babes! is such a fun little program . I really love seeing all the new babies each series. I get my baby “fix” and the moms learn how to stretch out their sore bodies. Typically, new moms have a sore neck and shoulders from being all scrunched up for late night feedings. They usually have tight hips and backs because of the major shifts in a woman’s body after delivery along with the now daily lugging of baby gear. A baby in a carrier along with their diaper bags is HEAVY!
My program will show you how to safely and effectively correct all of those postural problems by lengthening those tight muscles and strengthening the weak ones with the help of your little one as resistance! So you can get rid of all those aches and pains and get back to enjoying your baby! This is a very gentle yet effective program and no previous experience is necessary!¬† So even if you’ve never done yoga before, you can do this. I promise! Register now to reserve your space and I will see you on September, 23rd!

Chair Yoga

Co-ed Arthritis Chair Yoga Program is a specialized program to teach you how to stretch your entire body in a safe and gentle way while restoring range of motion and decreasing pain.

I really love teaching the chair yoga program! People often give me all sorts of reasons as to why they can’t do yoga. For example, they might tell me they have a bum knee or bad shoulder or that they haven’t exercised in years and to my delight I get to prove to them that EVERYONE can do chair yoga. I’ve taught to people with hip, knee and shoulder replacements. I’ve taught to people that have had brain injuries from strokes and whiplash. I’ve taught people with MS , Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.
I know that when you’re in pain you want to protect that part of your body by not moving it but I’m here to tell you that movement, no matter how small in the beginning,¬† will help you get rid of the pain. So grab a yoga buddy, sign up for my chair program and let’s gets you moving! See you on the 29th of September!