Gentle Therapeutic Yoga Online

With my therapeutic mat yoga classes you’ll experience slow, mindful movement offering you a very safe and scientifically supported practice that offers profound effects in pain and stress management. Slow, mindful movement is like medicine for your brain and body

Asana (postures) breath, mindfulness, meditation, inward reflection and observation help us to both feel good while we practice but also help us to navigate the ebb and flow of life in a more balanced way.

You’ll also experience the powerful benefits of mindfulness, pranayama (breath work) and guided meditation.

This all works together to effectively manage stress, improve our mood, manage pain, improve mobility and manage anxiety.

Many folks have been coping with anxiety, depression and overwhelm long before this pandemic and for most …things have really been intensified right now.

My therapeutic online yoga program could serve as your self care, life management tool kit. In other words help you get through this time with resilience and sanity! We may be social distancing but as humans we still need to at least feel like we have community.

This unprecedented time DEMANDS that we make self care more important than ever.

NOW is the time to start your yoga practice !

Yoga might just be the best thing to ever happen to you, I know it was for me!

Get Your Yoga Fix Anywhere, Anytime

With a 2 week auto renew online subscription you will get access to a new livestream class every weekday Monday through Friday at 2pm AST Via the Zoom App. It will feel like we’re practicing together in real time!


AND if you can’t make the 2pm livestream, you will have access to the recordings which will be saved and archived into a library. This library will be accessible via a login and password.

Benefits of Therapeutic Yoga 

Reduce Stress

This style of yoga class helps to soothe your nervous system telling your brain and your body that it’s safe to let go and it’s safe to relax.

Strength Building

Therapeutic yoga is a safe way to to gently build strength and increase your bodies flexibility. 

Enhance Sleep

This style of yoga is also known for greatly enhancing sleep quality which is conducive to healing on many levels mentally and physically!

Build Confidence and Self Esteem

With slow, mindful movements you will experience the benefits of yoga, without discomfort and strain. This will lead to confidence in your practice, and pride in your progress.

Relieve Pain

Therapeutic yoga helps desensitize your pain receptors so that less pain is perceived.

Improve Mental Health

Practicing yoga, and guided meditation helps us improve our mood, lower our anxiety, and be more mindful.

People Love Having Online Yoga Classes!

“As someone who lives alone I try to catch the live daily classes at 2:00 when I can ( always have the archived option )Even though I am lying on my living room floor with both dog and cat staring at me in awe I feel as though I am still part of a group activity- one that has very much become part of my life routine.”

Rhea Jenkins

“Brenda with all the changes involved in social distancing and now working from home there is almost nothing constant or familiar about my daily routine. Your classes are very much a part of my lifestyle and part of my daily routine and this new online program is going to let me keep this ONE constant. I will be able to have my daily classes with you.”