Staying Together by Staying Apart is a global initiative created by Sanctuary Yoga and Massage to offer support to the residents and staff of Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centres and Mental Health Facilities during this time of crises.

I am Brenda Sanders-Passmore, founder of this initiative, and I wish to offer free access to my Gentle Chair Yoga program.

This gentle, mindful practice is designed to relieve anxiety, improve mobility and sleep quality, assist with pain management, and enhance mood. These benefits are especially supportive during this very stressful time.

I teach a very accessible style of yoga that is suitable for everyone to participate in, no matter their level of fitness.

In order to qualify and register your organization for this global initiative, please send an email from your organization’s official email and ensure that the email clearly states your position within the organization.

Once the official email is received, the approval process will be expedited and my team will arrange for your organization to have access.

In Sanskrit, the word yoga means to join or unite. It is my intention that we unite as a community for one hour each week for some feel good movement, and find peace in our hearts while Staying Together by Staying Apart.

Practice When You Need It

For this initiative I will be teaching a LIVESTREAM class via the Zoom app every Wednesday at 10:30 AST that will be recorded and archived into a library that can later be enjoyed anytime convenient.

AND if you can’t make the livestream, you will have access to the recordings which will be saved and archived into a library.

Participating organizations will receive easy access to all content with a simple login and password, providing the opportunity to access an hour of Sanctuary anytime you need it.


Benefits of Gentle Chair Yoga 

Anxiety Relief

Practicing chair yoga helps to soothe your nervous system, telling your body and your brain that it’s safe to let go and safe to relax, inducing a deep sense of inner calm. Over time this builds nervous system resilience and helps us become less reactive to stress.

Relieve Pain

This yoga practice helps manage chronic pain by improving your mobility and by desensitizing your pain receptors so that less pain is perceived.

Enhance Sleep

This yoga practice is also known for greatly enhancing sleep quality which is conducive to healing on many levels, both mentally and physically!

Strength Building

Chair yoga provides a safe way to gently build strength and improve mobility.

Improve Mental Health

Slow, mindful movement helps us improve our mood both during the practice and after.

It does this by boosting levels of feel-good brain chemicals like GABA, serotonin, and dopamine which are responsible for feelings of relaxation and calm.

Build Confidence and Self Esteem

This gentle practice allows you to experience the benefits of yoga, without discomfort and strain. This will lead to confidence in your practice, and pride in your progress.

Register Your Organization Now to Become Part of a Connected Online Community That’s Staying Together by Staying Apart