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Waxing is also offered at Sanctuary Yoga & Massage and it doesn’t have to be a medieval experience at all! Brenda now offers a dermal numbing spray to help make your waxing experience a most splendid one. When you get any body waxing done with Brenda, you are receiving the most hygienic method available. She uses a personalized roll on cartridge that gets labeled with your name for future appointments. With Brenda you won’t get a wax pot with double dipping!

Manscaping is also available. Brenda can help you get ready for the shirtless season and transform your uni-brow into guy brows.

Eyebrow Waxing $14
Lip, Chin and Side of Face Waxing $30
Lip or Chin or Side of Face Waxing $10
Under Arm Waxing $19
Lower Leg Waxing $35
Full Leg Waxing $55
Back or Chest Waxing $55
Half Arm Waxing $20
Full Arm Waxing $30
Regular Bikini Waxing $26
Extended Bikini Waxing $35
Women’s Brazilian $55
Men’s Brazilian $65
Upper Back & Neck Waxing $32

Skin Sanctuary

Classic Facial
A European style facial that will leave your skin glowing. This features a cleanse, facial steam, two treatment masks, extractions, full facial massage and botanical treatment serums. Choose from hand, scalp or foot massage. (Please allow 60 minutes)

Signature Facial
A truly customized European style facial that is specific to your skins needs including, but not limited to, aging, sun damage, acne and dehydrated skin. This decadent treatment includes an extended facial massage as well as a hand, foot and scalp massage. (Please allow 75 minutes)

Mini Facial
An abbreviated form of a European Facial. This skin treat includes a cleanse, exfoliation, toner and moisturizer with a brief facial massage. This is a nice skin pick me up or a quick prep for a special event. (Please allow 20-25 minutes)

Anti Aging Eye Treatment
Banish dark circles, puffiness and fine lines while deeply moisturizing the delicate skin around the eyes. Complete with a special massage to increase circulation and assist the penetration of product.

Luscious Lip Treatment
This specially targeted treatment is designed to dramatically reduce fine lines while smoothing and plumping your pout! The lip area is exfoliated to slough off any rough skin and reveal the youthful skin underneath. A deeply hydrating balm follows the exfoliant and then the area is finished off with a top coat lip plumping gloss. This treatment is perfect on its own and serves as a fantastic base for “budge proof” lip stick.

Anti Aging Glycolic Face Peel
Peel Away the Years! This facial peel is a deep exfoliation treatment that is extremely effective for diminishing fine lines, treating extra dry or extra oily skin, reducing pore size, lightening sun spots, managing acne and reducing its scars. This treatment removes all the dull, dead skin cells to reveal the fresh youthful skin underneath. Suitable for most skin types and requires no down time. Visible results with one treatment. Accumulative results with a series that is administered approximately every 2 weeks. Buy 5 treatments and you will receive the 6th for FREE! *Not recommended for individuals that take Acutane medication, have rosacea, sunburned skin, or use Retinol. (Please allow 20-25 minutes)

Classic Facial $75
Signature Facial $90
Mini Facial $45
Anti Aging Eye Treatment $20 ($15 when added to any facial)
Luscious Lip Treatment $20 ($15 when added to any facial)
Anti Aging Glycolic Face Peel $55