Emotions can be tough, downright hard in fact. The good news is there are techniques you can use to find your sunshine and brighten things up when you are confronted with an emotionally cloudy day!

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Easier said than done but always important to keep in mind. There are numerous reasons why our emotions sometimes spiral out of control like a roller coaster ride. When you least expect it, at any point of the day, up and down and all around. Am I right?

Although not the easiest things to control, ultimately you do have power over your own thoughts and emotions. Like everything else you do on a daily basis, immersing yourself in positivity takes time, energy, focus and effort.

Don’t let cloudy emotions overshadow your day. These tips can help!

emotional happiness


  • Gratitude is key. Remind yourself EVERYDAY of all your BLESSINGS

Take a moment to look around at everything positive in your life the next time you’re feeling down and blue. There are so many things to be happy about it’s easy to forget some and overlook the obvious. Start everyday by naming three good things in your life, you’ll find feelings of gloom get blocked before they even start!

  • If you’re feeling down, face it. FEEL the FEELS and move on

Feeling sad or blue isn’t an emotion that needs to be avoided, it just doesn’t have to overtake you. You have the ability within yourself to confront these feelings. Take the time you need to face them, feel them and move on. Don’t fall into the habit of letting sadness consume you, otherwise you run the risk of finding yourself in a vicious cycle of sadness you can’t escape from.

  • Feed your body with mindful MOVEMENT and STRETCHING

I love yoga. You know why? Not only does it keep my body active and healthy it also helps center my mind and emotions too. There’s something so very calming, tranquil and relaxing about stretching in the peace and quiet. Oftentimes even just a short session of yoga can act as a powerful mood re-boot!

  • Do something amazing, for SOMEONE ELSE

There’s something deep inside us all that triggers happiness when we do something special or kind for someone else. It’s such an amazing feeling to pay it forward and brighten someone else’s day. If you wake up feeling gloomy and sad, put your focus on how you can help someone else. Small actions of kindness have the power to reverberate positively throughout everyone’s day, yours included!

Your emotions are valid no matter what you are feeling, just always be mindful that you have a choice. Choose positive transformation. Turn those gloomy emotion clouds into life sustaining rays of sunshine! The more you focus on the positive and helping others the better your forecast will be!