Do you know that often times, the biggest drainer of your own internal happiness and peace of mind is yourself? This year, it’s time to kick that bad habit to the curb! 

Some days, finding inner peace and happiness is downright difficult. Trust me, I know. It seems like there is ALWAYS something going on in the world that can have each and every one of us feeling a little bit “off”.

But the truth? You hold the key to making every single day the best day ever.

Powerful, right? 

Just wait…you haven’t even tapped into just how powerful you can be for yourself and your happiness. The options are endless.

The Importance of Self-Compliments

I know what you must be thinking…complimenting yourself is hard. I don’t know why it is, but it is.

Maybe it’s the way we’re programmed…and maybe we’ll never know the answer why. And truthfully, we don’t even need to know the “why”, we just need to know how to move forward.

This is where the importance of self-compliments matters.

If you can wake up every morning and follow these simple tips, your inner happiness and peace will grow.

  • When you wake up in the morning, immediately smile

Not after a cup of coffee…not after you’ve had a shower…the moment that your eyes open, smile. It can spark something in your brain that just sends you positive vibes automatically. How amazing is that?

  • Walk to a mirror and give yourself a look

This is important. Not a “judgy” look, but a “you’ve got this” look. And while you’re looking, throw yourself a wink or two as well.

  • Immediately give yourself five compliments

While you’re looking and winking at yourself in the mirror, it’s time to start complimenting yourself as well. Give yourself five compliments every single morning.

And make certain that you are saying them out loud. You can repeat them to yourself throughout the day in your mind, but in the morning time, you need to say them all one by one out loud.

What is the point of giving yourself self-compliments?

Great question. The point of giving yourself self-compliments is that you have to be your own biggest fan. Sitting around and waiting for someone else to recognize how amazing you are may never happen. And why would you waste the entire awesomeness of yourself in hopes that someone else will take the time to tell you?

YOU ARE AWESOME. YOU ARE AMAZING. (and in case you need to hear it – your butt looks good, too) 

Okay, that last part was just for fun…but you get where I’m going with this, right?

Your internal peace and happiness shouldn’t rely on anyone but yourself.

The moment that you realize that, everything will just click. And trust me, this is something that I’m still working on each and every day. Complimenting myself is still hard…but I know I’m worth it.

Since I’ve begun giving myself self-compliments, my confidence has soared. Things that used to make me doubt or feel nervous are no more and I’m finding that I’m a bit more extraverted in my ways as well.

So, friends…what do you say? Will you join me on the journey of finding internal peace and self-love? While it may be something that we have to work on each and every day, it’s one of the best acts of loving ourselves that we can do.

Remember…give yourself 5 compliments every single day! Your love for yourself is one of the biggest components of building yourself up to be stronger than ever!