Life can sometimes be a true mystery. And often times, we forget that putting yourself first matters. Some days are golden, while others we wish would end rather quickly. If you’re familiar with the phrase, “the struggle is real”, it’s because some days….it is.

No matter if you are a glass half-full or empty type of person, one thing is for certain. Putting yourself first matters, and always will.

Did you know that you are your own biggest fan? And while it may not seem that somedays, it’s 100% true. When times are good, they’re good…but when times stink, they downright need to be taken out to the trash.

This year, instead of focusing on the bad, it’s time to focus on everything great that’s in front of you. By putting yourself first, you can accomplish this with ease.

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Why Putting Yourself First Matters

Starting each day with yourself on your mind is actually a good thing!

  • Your thoughts can affect the outcome of your day

If you feel bad and are thinking in a negative manner, the entire outcome of your day may change. Put your best foot forward and tackle the day with an open and positive mind instead. Just that simple mindset shift might be enough to swing your day into a pretty positive place!

  • You deserve to be happy

You do. And in all honesty, everyone does. Repeat that to yourself over and over again and let your family and friends know it as well. We’re all given one life, and that life has the opportunity and potential to be amazing. Allow yourself happiness and watch what can unfold.

  • Your brain needs to be mentally prepared

Did you know our brains work hard every single day? Even if you haven’t taught yourself something new or learned a new activity or lesson, your brain has still learned several new things throughout the day. Keep feeding your brain in a way that compliments you and your life and fill it full of goodness and hope!

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  • Positive energy reinforces a positive body

Exercising your body is also really, really important in remembering to put yourself first. When it comes to exercise, any little bit helps! From yoga to training for a marathon, any step that you are taking is putting yourself first for the overall physical health of yourself.

There’s something to be said about moving your body in some way, each and every day. And trust me…some days you just may not feel like it. I get it, I really and truly do. However, those are the days when it matters the most. Remember earlier when I said that our brains are learning each and every day? When you push yourself to accomplish great things even when you don’t feel like it, your brain remembers that and stores it away for later. And when that feeling or thought happens again later on down the road, you’re brain will remember that and hopefully give you the strength and good thoughts to overcome, yet again!

Putting yourself first is probably one of the best and most immediate things that you can start doing for yourself today. What starts as a simple mindset can absolutely transform into your normal way of life.

You do hold the power and ability to overcome hurdles and obstacles standing in your way of living the best life possible for you. All you need to do is start to think about yourself in a way that showcases your strengths while refusing to let any type of fear or negativity take over. Baby steps may be what you need to do at first, but before long you’ll be conquering life in leaps and bounds!